Former candidates for the SocDems leadership support Sinkevičius

DELFI TV conference: Mindaugas Sinkevičius
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

Former candidates for the leader of Lithuanian Social Democratic Party (LSDP) Andrius Palionis, Artūras Skardžius and Mantas Varaška say that they will support the candidacy of Mindaugas Sinkevičius to take over the party.

At the time, Mr Sinkevičius opponent in the elections is Gintautas Paluckas, who says that it is a lot easier to agree in secret than seek change.

On April 20-22nd the first round of elections to LSDP Chairman will be held. A. Palionis Party urges his colleagues to be active and support the candidacy of Social Democrat Minister of Economy Mr Sinkevičius.

“My decision is clear – in the second round I will be voting for M. Sinkevičius. He is decent, known for his work and good results in Jonava and is a known politician. He has principles and he defends the party and party members. M. Sinkevičius reputation is clean, and as the leader no biography spots and criminal record checks will haunt him “, – said A. Palionis, who in the first round was supported by 1166 party members. recalls that the former director of the Vilnius municipal administration G. Paluckas was found guilty of abuse of the office in the cervices of rat extermination during the Vilnius public procurement.

A. According Palionis, M. Sinkevičius, unlike some other candidates, does not divide party members in “Vilnius residents and non-residents, young and old, useful and not useful.” “He will not be divisive party chairman, but a uniting one, uniting more over 20 thousand Social Democratic Party members”, – said A. Palionis.

M. Sinkevičius candidacy is supported by A. Skardžius, he got 608 votes in the direct election of the leader.

“Unequivocal for M. Sinkevičius. I think the chairman of the largest party must have a good reputation. In this case, G. Paluckas is vulnerable and cannot really be boasting of a clean slate for some youthful mistakes or actions “, – A. Skardžius said to

According to A. Skardžius, candidates are now backing M. Sinkevičius, who in the first round has collected nearly 2 thousand votes, and party members themselves should give the mandate of M. Sinkevičius.

M. Varaška even earlier, after the first round of the elections, also expressed his support for M. Sinkevičius. “Why? For the next fellow, and even if past the skeletons out of the closet are pulled, they turn into roses in the future “, – said M. Varaška.

G. Paluckas: it is much easier to agree in secret than seek change

M. Sinkevičius rival in the Social Democratic Party chairman elections, who in the first round mainly got 4017 votes from party members is Vilnius Deputy Mayor G. Paluckas, who says that his mood before a decisive battle – fighting. He figured out what to answer to the remaining candidates.

“Neither one of them supported these changes. Naturally a segmentation is happening. I and most of the party is on one side and on the other side of line are those who tend to agree, share, and so on. I simply declare other principles. I have frankly said to Mindaugas, Artūras and Mantas: It’s all good, everyone is nice and good, but you want to be a deputy? Well, you’ll get a division and regional support. You decided to seek for a universal change? Then let’s go together. But agreeing in secret is a lot easier than seeking change”, – overlaid G. Paluckas.

In his words, many of the remaining candidates’ are scared of changes and a restlessness has appeared: “Yes, as it was until now, it won’t continue. Their place is no longer guaranteed, as it always had been. Lately we had no real democracy – just an exchange of places: who was the chairman, became deputy, and who was a deputy became the chairman.”

G. Paluckas said that he understood that it is much easier and safer to reach an agreement. “There is a saying in English:” Play Safe, Stay Safe. “We are not stepping on each other’s feet and everything supposedly good. But this election is different: here people vote and no one has them in their pocket – neither I nor M. Sinkevičius. A. Palionis support to M. Sinkevičiui is a serious matter, because he stood to one side, but the people are ready for changes and they have expressed their will. I think the party members are determined and the change cannot be delayed “- commented M. Paluckas to

In the second round of the Social Democratic Party’s leader elections, which will be held April 20-22 in party divisions, Vilnius Deputy Mayor G. Paluckas and Economy Minister M. Sinkevičius will be the main candidates.

The final election results and the new party chairman will be known on the 2nd of May, and his work will start on the 6th of May.

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