Gabrielius Landsbergis as chairman would be the end of conservative party, social democrat Kirkilas says

Gediminas Kirkilas
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Kirkilas has criticised, however, Kubilius’ suggestion that the party chairmanship should be entrusted to Gabrielius Landsbergis, grandson of long-serving member and former chairman of the Homeland Union Vytautas Landsbergis. The Seimas deputy speaker says this would be the end of the party.

On Wednesday, in an interview to the radio Žinių Radijas, the Seimas deputy speaker said he regretted that Kubilius was stepping down, but said this had to happen sooner or later.

According to Kirkilas, the appointment of Gabrielius Landsbergis as chairman of the party would not be in its benefit. He called the move “artificial”.

“It is strange that in such a big party the seat is being inherited in essence. I am surprised by the stance Kubilius has taken. It shows that Vytautas Landsbergis has remained the chairman to some extent,” said Kirkilas.

The Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats will elect the new leader this April.

Kirkilas has criticised Kubilius for endorsing inexperienced Gabrielius Landsbergis and claimed that he is in the European Parliament only because he shares the name with the patriarch of Lithuanian politics.

According to Kirkilas, the appointment would mark the decline of the Conservative party, because their competitors, the Liberal Movement, have seasoned politicians. He added that there were many young and modern conservatives who had considerably more experience in governing and other areas.

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