Gas price falls in Lithuania’s because of LNG terminal

LNG terminal "Independence"
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

The VKEKK confirmed that the LNG terminal’s maintenance cost (the so called additional security component) will stand at LTL 7.41 (EUR 2.15) per megawatt hour in 2015, after the compensation to consumers is applied. The rate is lower by more than LTL 2 (EUR 0.58) than the one set previously.

The tariff was reduced after using LTL 100 million (EUR 28.9 million) saved on the terminal’s construction. The Government decided that this amount collected throughout 2013 will be distributed as compensation in the next two years.

The VKEKK also established LNG transhipment tariff – EUR 1.14 per megawatt hour. Income received from these activities will also reduce the security component to Lithuania’s consumers.

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