Gas price in Lithuania to go up due to LNG terminal

“The terminal just like any other infrastructure requires return on capital. We have exact figures that the cost of the terminal expressed per one thousand cubic metres of gas adds LTL 100 (EUR 28.9). This is not a secret,” Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius told the national radio LRT on Tuesday.

According to the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices (VKEKK), this year natural gas price is LTL 1,507 (EUR 436) per thousand cubic metres. The regulating authority forecasts that in 2015 natural gas price will be LTL 1,558 (EUR 451) per thousand cubic metres. LTL 102 (EUR 29.5) of the amount is the “security component”, i.e., the LNG terminal‘s cost.

However, the prime minister maintains that gas price will not grow next year, despite the additional component.

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