Georgian president to visit Lithuania

Salome Zurabishvili
AFP / Scanpix

The Georgian head of state will be arriving in Lithuania for an official visit. It is one of the first visits being made by the newly elected head of state.

The two leaders will discuss the strengthening of bilateral relations, Georgia‘s choice of Euroatlantic integration, the progress of strategic reforms and the situation in Russian-occupied Georgian territories. Hybrid warfare will also be a significant topic.

The two presidents will visit the Lithuanian National Cyber Security Centre at 8AM on March 9. During the visit, the ministers of defence of both countries will sign a declaration of cooperation in cyber security.

Lithuania faces more than 50 thousand cyber attacks against the most sensitive state sectors every year and has taken firm action in cyber security, successfully incorporating state and private institutions and passing necessary legislation, making it one of the most secure states in the world in regard to cyber security.

Lithuania also heads cyber rapid response forces being created based on an EU PESCO project and together with the USA is creating a regional cyber security centre in Kaunas.

The president of Georgia will also meet other Lithuanian leaders, will honour the memory of Lithuanian freedom fighters in Antakalnis cemetery and will visit the House of Signatories and view the February 16 Act of Independence.

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