Trains in Kazlų Rūda
European Union

It’s official. Brussels clarifies how sanctioned goods must go to Kaliningrad via Lithuania

The debate on the movement of EU-sanctioned goods from Russia to Kaliningrad has ended. The European Commission has clarified that sanctioned goods can travel via Lithuania to Kaliningrad by rail, but not by truck. The […]

European Union

With the Conference on the Future of Europe, Europeans chose a new path: a stronger, more democratic and ready-to-act Europe

The last decade has shown that we cannot continue moving from one crisis to another. Europe must prevent crises rather than react to them. We know that Putin, China and the world are not waiting […]

China's flag

China is destroying its own international commitment to “one country, two systems”

MEP Andrius Kubilius, discussing in the plenary session of the European Parliament the debate on China’s actions in destroying Hong Kong’s democracy, stressed that China is destroying its own international “one country, two systems” commitments. […]

EU and Lithuanian flags
European Union

Vytautas Sinica. What kind of European Union does Lithuania want?

Membership of the EU and NATO are unquestionably necessary for survival and ensuring the national interests of our country. However, this does not mean that we unconditionally agree with any kind of ideas of Eurofederalism. […]