European Union
European Union

The coronavirus will bring the European Union countries down to earth

Perhaps the coronavirus vaccine could, as per predictions, be created before the end of this year, Mečys Laurinkus wrote in There’s little information on Lithuanian news media on how scientists are faring, how research […]

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From leaders to underachievers – how Lithuanians feel at the bottom of the EU

Lithuania is one of the poorest members of the European Union in statistics terms. Part of the public still feels nostalgia for the Soviet era, when based on our achievements we were in the lead […]

Flag of Hungary

Hungarian lessons for Lithuania and Europe

There is a good old English term illiberal democracy that does not have a precise translation into Lithuanian. It defines the regimes that come to power through democratic means, but their representatives apparently aim at the never-ending reign trampling on the fundamental European values of democracy, freedom of speech, and the rule of law. Let us call them anti-democrats, and let me share some insights about them. […]

Tautvydas Marčiulaitis

Tautvydas Marčiulaitis: We are living better than ever before

We have just celebrated the 101st birthday of Lithuania and it seems that this occasion is becoming more meaningful and beautiful with every passing year. Streets are filled with smiling people proudly waving the country’s national flag, and the whole atmosphere is more festive. And it is not surprising why – every year we are living better than ever before. […]

Vidas Rachlevičius

Vidas Rachlevičius. Bells are ringing for Europe, but people hear them differently

With the European Parliament (EP) elections nearing in Europe and Lithuania, the famous investor and philanthropist George Soros made waves by comparing the European Union to the Soviet Union. […]