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Panic at the chancellery

This is not a quarrel. Nor is it just one of those frequent moments in the Franco-German relationship when everything seizes up because the president has not yet adapted to the new chancellor or vice […]


The Kaliningrad Corridor: Moscow’s old dream and Lithuania’s great fear

Lithuania has found itself trapped in turmoil over the imposition of sanctions on some goods going to Kaliningrad. Russia is unhappy with the bans, and the European Commission, which oversees the sanctions, is throwing a […]

The European Commission Building
European Union

From Franco-German motor to German-French condominium over the EU. A brief chronicle of the European Union’s Pétainisation

After the glory days of the Franco-German couple under Giscard and Schmidt and, in a more ambiguous mode, under Kohl-Mitterrand – this time is driven by events more than by any real ambition – the […]


Migrant crisis lesson for Lithuania – if we expect help, we should help others

The migrant crisis, which was engineered by the A. Lukashenko regime, has convincingly showcased how important in such cases is European solidarity for a country, which experiences an influx of unexpected visitors wrote in […]