German investors in Lithuania call for labour law reforms and better vocational training

Florian Schröder, AHK executive director, says that German companies regard Lithuania as a business-friendly place.

However, the survey puts Lithuania behind Latvia and Estonia in terms of attractiveness to investors.

Schröder says that German investors believe in Lithuania’s potential, but also point out several areas for criticism. One of them is the Labour Code.

“We hope for quick reforms, because it is primarily foreign investors who create long-term jobs and offer solid pay. For that to happen, international standards must apply. Labour law cannot be an impediment to economic growth,” the AHK executive director said.

Another area where Germans think Lithuania should step up its game is fighting corruption and ensuring transparency in public procurement.

Vocational training is another area of concern and, according to many respondents in the survey, do not meet the requirements of the market.

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