Heating company sues Vilnius authorities over €5.6m debt

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

Vilniaus Energija is suing the Municipality of Vilnius over a €5.6-million debt that the city owes for heating.

Vilniaus Energija says in a statement that the Municipality has shown no willingness to cover the debt.

The company says it has been informed that Vilnius Municiplaity will set aside about €300,000 for heating in its 2016 budget and only €22,000 would go towards paying for Vilniaus Energija’s services.

“This does not cover even one month’s worth of the municipality’s heating bills,” the company says in the statement, adding that Vilnius Municipality is deliberately planning not to pay for its services.

The company says the €5.6-million lawsuit concerns back payments for heating, fines and interest.

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