Highest-speed internet in Baltics launched in Lithuania


The speeds on the new network reach 750 Mb/s and the company said it was an essential step on the road to 5G networks in Lithuania and around the world.

“The Huawei 4.5G mobile technology installed by Omnitel is an essential step on the way to 5G. In creating of a new generation of telecommunications business we are comparing the speed of mobile with the fiber-optic internet in a functioning network and show that there will no longer be big differences between these technologies in the near future,” said Andrius Šemeškevičius, the head of technology at Teo and Omnitel.

Huawei 4.5G technology has so far been tested only in Hong Kong and Norway with HKT TeliaSonera. In laboratory conditions, this technology allows to reach nearly 1 Gb/s speed.


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