How to act to attract girls?

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You will find it anywhere, where the topic “how to attract a girl” is mentioned. While a lot of articles state that girls don’t care that much about appearance of men, that’s not true. Women prefer men who reasonably care for themselves. So, what you need is:

1. Keep Your Body Clean

You will be surprised at how different everything can change, if you take regular showers. The new attitude of girls will leave you wondering, why haven’t you been doing it before.

2. Wear Nice Clothes

Of course you might start worrying whether she likes the same brands as you, but that’s not the point. Just wearing the clothes that really fit you is already enough to attract a girl. Basically, you shouldn’t wear anything that may make her feel embarrassed to be seen with you.

3. Keep Your Body Fit

You like your girls fat or fit? Probably you prefer them fit, in this case you must mind that girls would prefer you fit too. It doesn’t mean that you have to become a bodybuilder, because girls don’t really care whether you have six or eight packs, but getting your self to the point where you feel comfortable running a mile is quite enough to attract girls.

Show Your Personality

Yep, personality means a lot too. Actually, some men who are not that good looking win girls attention thanks to their personality and its trait. In this case you need to:

1. Show Your Talent

You know that if you want to attract people you need to be successful in something. Everyone has talent or at least a potential for it. You may not know about the existence of your talent, but you can find it and make it grow. Of course, you may not grow to be the greatest poet or a guitarist, but just being successful at your interesting job will be enough for girls to find you attractive.

2. Be Exciting

You may be an introverted person and still exciting. Just don’t spend your weekends at home. Start studying some art, as art classes may be one of the best places to meet a girl. You may as well start writing a book, which will already make you stand out other guys.

Girls may find you exciting if you are into hiking or volunteering too. So, all you need is to make your life about something.


There is two types of men that girls hate. The first one being men who try to steal girl’s independence. The second one being men who are around her all the time. Being a couple doesn’t make you Siamese twins. So, mind your own business and give her some alone time too, cause girls really like independent men.

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