International recognition for Kaunas orchestra’s recording of Verdi opera

Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra
Organizatorių archyvas

The Grammy-nominated orchestra’s leader, Algimantas Treikauskas, spoke to the Kaunas city municipality about the unexpected bit of good news. “It’s wonderful that Kaunas and Lithuania are receiving world-wide recognition. This opera album is and will be our legacy for coming generations.”

“In the same year when we recorded Guisseppe Verdi’s opera with a collection of international opera music stars, we also recorded another album that was nominated for a Grammy award last year. There was an excellent team of performers and soloists. That helped us achieve recognition.”

Though he did say that the recognition was unexpected, Treikauskas, though he also said that “Everyone who works hard and puts in effort expects recognition.”

The two-disk album also features the Kaunas State Choir and Kostas Smoriginas, among other national and international artists.

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