Issue of rising food prices to be discussed by Lithuanian government

DELFI / Audrius Solominas

Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius will be holding a meeting on Monday to discuss food pricing changes in stores in Lithuania. He said that Statistics Lithuania had not observed any large monthly price changes, but he also expressed surprise at some food prices.

Last week, Lithuanian social media exploded with complaints about high food prices and calls to boycott supermarkets. The furor seems to have been raised by unusually high cauliflower prices, which in turn spawned a number of humorous cauliflower-related internet memes.

Butkevičius responded by saying that the public must know why the prices of some foods have risen so much recently. He also said he intends to discuss this topic with the Minister of Economy and the heads of certain business associations, the statistics department and the Competition Council.

Statistics Lithuania has said that rises in food prices have not been significant, but Butkevičius believes that some foods may not have been included in the survey.

Butkevičius also said it would be important to identify whether or not prices were raised due to the introduction of the Euro.


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