‘It is a tragedy for which there is no justification’

Explosion in Ankara left 37 dead

The Lithuanian Ambassador to Turkey Audrius Brūzga told lrytas.lt about how life is changing in Ankara in the aftermath of the explosion.

“I was at home in the residence. I heard the bomb explosion and I could see white smoke very clearly through the balcony. The residence is about four kilometres away from the scene, it is located on a hill, and through the window I see the central Ankara,” said Mr. Brūzga.

“It is a tragedy for which there is no justification,” Brūzga said in condemning the attack.

The bomb on Sunday exploded at Attaturk Avenue near Kizilay Square – right in the heart of Ankara.

“This is the central place in Ankara. The House of Parliament, Office of the Government is nearby,” Brūzga said.

Ambassador Brūzga noted it is the second time that Ankara has suffered explosions in the centre of the city. The first attack took place on February 17, when car bomb took at least 30 lives.

“It must be realized that Turkey is going through a difficult time when terrorism is inside the country and beyond borders. Especially when there is a war in Syria and from there many refugees arrive in Turkey. War is just across the border, we know that and we have to be ready,” said the ambassador.

For any visitors to Turkey he said: “If possible, when visiting popular tourist sites like the Hagia Sophia, the Sultan Palace and the Grand Bazaar, select the time when there are fewer people, chose off-peak hours.”

The Lithuanian ambassador said that the Turkish government had strengthened security before the attack. Intelligence authorities had evidence about a risk of such attacks, but it was not known where they would occur.

Ambassador Brūzga was also asking Lithuanians who go to Turkey to sign in at Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by completing a short online questionnaire and submitting contact information.


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