Karbauskis – I am no liar

Ramūnas Karbauskis at the DELFI TV conference with reporter Eglė Samoškaitė
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Karbauskis has recently been called to explain why his deputy, member of Seimas G. Kildišienė drives a Range Rover SUV belonging to his company Agrokoncernas, with the vehicle being leased by her mother according to sources. The member of Seimas did not declare this deal and this has raised question of business group influence on members of Seimas, be it directly or through intermediaries.

During the Delfi conference R. Karbauskis did not answer the question of whether the car was truly leased by G. Kildišienė’s mother. He did note that he was assured by G. Kildišienė that the individual who paid for the rent can declare transparently obtained income.

With the scandal appearing, G. Kildišienė announced her intention to soon purchase a personal car and informed that the relative has cancelled the car lease with the aforementioned company.
Requests publicity, but directs to the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI)

The Peasant and Greens chairman states that all the answers will be given by the VMI which has initiated an official inquiry regarding the vehicle leased by Agrokoncernas.

Nevertheless the inspection will only be able to share the results of the inspection if they have the written permission of the tax payer, Agrokoncernas. When asked if he would ensure such an agreement from Agrokoncernas, R. Karbauskis did not give a direct answer, only explained that “all questions will be answered” except that individual names will not be publicised.

“Neither Agrokoncernas, nor I personally have given any gifts, it is a business deal. Those discussions that someone is trying to pay for it from the wage of a kindergarten teacher are completely untrue. The member of Seimas assured me as such,” said the politician.

R. Karbauskis assured that the information that can be publicised will be after the inquiry.

Rented a car himself

G. Kildišienė drove an Agrokoncernas car already in summer, she was stopped for speeding, the car was constantly visible at her home, the politician used it during the election campaign.

When Delfi inquired her about it on September 9, Kildišienė answered that she drives her own car.
“I drive a car that belongs to me. It is my car. These are simply not questions that should interest the news media, if something is wrong. We live in a democratic state. If I had some sort of property that does not belong to me, then I believe this should interest completely different institutions. Correct?” the politician said.

When asked about this, R. Karbauskis assured he was not aware of all the nuances, but continued to firmly repeat that there have been no breaches of conduct.

“Everything else is personal. Why someone uses a car is none of my concern. The member of Seimas declared both public and private interests according to the law,” he said.

R. Karbauskis himself admitted having recently purchased a car for himself, having rented a car from Agrokoncernas previously, something that he declared.

“The car I rented was not new, the one I bought is,” the politician explained why he got a new car.

Relations with G. Kildišienė only based on work

The LVŽS chairman assured that all suspicions of illicit relations between him and G. Kildišienė are an intentional lie which is being spread from Panevėžys by Gema Ambrasienė and Mantas Leliukas.

“We only have work relations,” he explained his relations with Kildišienė.

R. Karbauskis was particularly satisfied with work conduct. He expressed trust toward G. Kildišienė and noted excellent work results, particularly in the elections. According to the politician the Peasant and Greens Union election results in Panevėžys are thanks to the efforts of Kildišienė.
The politician express ire at the attention directed toward his family. R. Karbauskis‘ second wife Lina Karbauskienė and his children live in Spain.

“If my children were born in the XXI century, they would now be in Lithuania. They were however born in the XX century. My children are now adults. They were born at a time when security conditions and legislature worked very differently here. At the time organised criminal gangs were active near Kaunas where I lived and such. Now times have changed. I would like to ask you, why do 100 thousand people who live abroad not return? Often their families have the problem that their children struggle to integrate to Lithuanian schools. The parents are focused on their children finishing their schooling where they started it,” the politician explained why his family is currently abroad.

R. Karbauskis – I am no liar

Karbauskis was also inquired about the Agrokoncernas lawyer Evalda Valčiukas, who represented G. Kildišienei in court against her former husband Tomas Kildišas on alimony. The lawyer was brought by the politicians to a Tuesday press conference.

When asked who paid the lawyer’s fees for his representation of Kildišienė, R. Karbauskis assured that wages in this case were not paid by Agrokoncernas.

The income and property declaration on the Central Electoral Commission web page denotes that G. Kildišienė declared 4367 euro income.

“I am no liar,” the politician rebuffed the suspicions.

When asked whether information that the vehicle in question is rented by the mother of G. Kildišienė, R. Karbauskis sidestepped the question, answering only that he is sure there is no crime in this case. He stressed that this is based solely on G. Kildišienė‘s assurances.

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