Karbauskis – I still do not understand what me and Kildišienė are accused of

Ramūnas Karbauskis, Greta Kildišienė
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Peasant and Greens Union Chairman Ramūnas Karbauskis has admitted that the car rented by former member of Seimas Greta Kildišienė‘s mother Vladislava Mikalauskienė from Agrokoncernas which belongs to him was a sort of help.

R. Karbauskis explains that he could provide such help to any member of Seimas, if asked.
“I can put this simply. All current members of Seimas and not only members of Seimas, if they ask, if they need some sort of help, I would have provided it without any problems,” R. Karbauskis said on Tuesday.

“If the company provides such a service, then the help happened. Correct? Have I ever objected that the company provided this (aid – Delfi)? Have I ever lied?” the politician asked.

“If someone had asked, I would have done exactly the same. Anyone. The credit is legal. I do not understand. The company works for money, pays all of its taxes. I still do not understand what me and G. Kildišienė are accused of. If it is illegal income, if that surfaced, it would be a problem. If some sort of taxes were not paid, there would be a problem,” he continued.

Former member of Seimas G. Kildišienė, who was positively evaluated by R. Karbauskis, drove a Range Rover SUV belonging to Karbauskis‘ Agrokoncernas, but in her declaration she did not identiy that she purchased or rented such a car.

During the scandal it surfaced that the luxurious vehicle was leased from Agrokoncernas by G. Kildišienė’s mother V. Mikalauskienė.

Every month the woman paid 1000 euro, excluding the 5000 euro initial payment and 7000 euro payment last September. She managed to pay 22 thousand euro of a total of 47 thousand. The question arose, however, how such payments can be made by an individual who worked at a kindergarten up to last December and is currently the head of a minor business Greta Gretos.
The State Tax Inspection (VMI) has concluded its inquiry and responded that Agrokoncernas fulfilled its tax obligations in renting the car. However the inquiry on the origin of the funds used, regarding G. Kildišienė‘s mother, continues.

R. Karbauskis and G. Kildišienė have stated that the agreement has been cancelled. On Tuesday R. Karbauskis said he is unaware under what conditions the agreement was cancelled, but he believes that a portion of the funds should be returned to V. Mikalauskienė.

Through intermediaries G. Kildišienė argued that her mother obtained the funds from several sources. When Kildišienė’s brother who served in the French Foreign Legion died fifteen years ago the family received a 30 thousand euro payment. This information has been confirmed. Furthermore it was stated that the family also inherited the property of a relative, but this information has yet to be confirmed because the relative’s name has not been revealed.

In the end G. Kildišienė relinquished her mandate as member of Seimas when it was found that in 2006 she was involved in an investigation regarding a company she worked in as an administrator.
During the investigation it was revealed that in autumn 2005 she along with an accomplice embezzled more than 1.3 thousand litas from her place of employment. The investigation was halted because Kildišienė returned the funds and officially came to terms with her employer. After this information was revealed the Peasant and Greens Union Chairman R. Karbauskis declared that G. Kildišienė will relinquish her mandate which she went on to do.

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