Kęstutis Daukšys to lead Labour Party’s candidate list as party chairman stays in EP

Kęstutis Daukšys
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Labour Party leader Valentinas Mazuronis stays in the European Parliament while the chairman of the party‘s parliamentary group Kęstutis Daukšys will head its candidate list for October’s general elections.

“We considered the situation, it was decided that I should remain in the European Parliament. It is wrong to deceive close to 50,000 voters who ranked me personally sending me to the EP and to jump from one side to another – do you want to the EP, or to the parliament – it is disrespectful towards the voters,” said Mazuronis.

Second on the list is the National Security and Defence Committee Chairman Artūras Paulauskas, followed by Vytautas Gapšys who has just announced his resignation as a member of parliament.

Minister of Agriculture Virginija Baltraitienė is fourth on the list, followed by Vice-President, secretary of the party Ieva Kačinskaitė-Urbonienė.

MP Valentinas Bukauskas, parliament Speaker Loreta Graužinienė, Vice-Speaker Vydas Gedvilas, former Prime Minister Gediminas Vagnorius are further down the list.

Interestingly, current cabinet ministers are quite low in the Labour Party‘s list. Social Security and Labour Minister Algimanta Pabedinskienė is 23rd, Education and Science Minister Audronė Pitrėnienė 24th, Minister of Culture Šarūnas Birutis 25th.


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