Kevisas fired as national opera and ballet theater director

Gintautas Kėvišas
DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

Culture Minister Liana Ruokyte-Jonsson made the decision to sack the LNOBT head based on a recommendation by an investigation commission set up by the Culture Ministry.

The commission found that Kevisas had systematically placed himself in conflict of interest situations.

The commission established that, in addition to his duties as the LNOBT head, Kevisas had had employment relations with several other organizations and had sought and derived personal benefit from that.

The commission also took into account the Chief Official Ethics Commission’s ruling that Kevisas had put himself in a conflict of interest situation by making decision regarding Riverside Music LTD, a company of Martynas Kevisas, the director’s son. The company organized performances by three foreign performers and orchestra, for which 390,000 euros were paid.

Given the systematic nature and the scope of the violations, the commission recommended that the culture minister impose the strictest disciplinary sanction on Kevisas, which is dismissal from office.

The minister’s decision on Kevisas’ dismissal took effect immediately.

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