Klaipėda University sailboat takes on 5,000 mile journey

The trip will take over two and a half months and the aim of the expedition is both educational and scientific. Klaipėda University students and researchers will have the opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge with participants taking hydrological, meteorological, biological, ornithological and environmental observations along the way.

Klaipėda University has owned the double masted 36 metre-long schooner Brabander for a decade. The mast height reaches 28 meters above the water. With a nearly 500 square meters of sail the boat can reach 14 knots (about 27 kilometres per hour) at top speed.

Brabander has participated in seven Tall Ships Races and last year took third place at the Tall Ships Regatta. The sailboat will depart on the 5,000 mile journey on June 25.


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