Latvians going on trial in Lithuania over undeclared EUR 700,000


The truck en route to Latvia with nearly 700,000 euros on board was detained by officers of the Customs Criminal Service on August 15 of 2015 near Kaunas, Lithuania.

The driver, a Latvian citizen, told the officers that the truck was empty, however, a detailed examination of the vehicle revealed a few hundred thousand of euros in cash in the driver’s cabin.

According to the press release, the notes packed in black plastic bags was hidden in various places of the cabin and the driver’s luggage, including a coffee machine, between food in the refrigerator and a pan.

Charges were brought against three Latvian citizens: a man who orchestrated the unlawful activities, the driver and a man who accompanied the truck. If found guilty, they face a fine or up to eight years in prison.

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