Leader in ‘internet of things’ to collaborate with Lithuanian universities

Mantas Katinas
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

The Belarussian independent electronics design house, Pramwad, which also manufactures electronic devices and develops software for the likes of Fujitsu, Marvell and Texas Instruments, plans to use its Vilnius office to provide services to its clients in the EU.

“As our Research and Development Centre is located in Minsk, Vilnius was the most logical solution. Besides, Lithuania has plenty of young creative specialists as well as experienced engineers who are fluent in English. We, therefore, see excellent future prospects in Lithuania,” said the company’s head Roman Pakholkov.

The new Promwad Vilnius team will be staffed with experts in a number of different disciplines with Promwad’s aim to employ up to 25 specialists, including project and sales managers, software and production engineers, over the next two years.

Invest Lithuania general manager, Mantas Katinas, said the Internet of Things was the industry of the future.

“Given the increasing number of users of smart devices and the idea of smart homes (which is becoming increasingly popular), this field will grow rapidly in the future. According to various forecasts, the market for the Internet of Things could be worth up to €6.4 trillion in 2020, and it could unite over 34 billion devices worldwide.”

Katinas said Promwad’s presence would also give the industry in Lithuania a significant boost.

“Promwad is a pioneer of the Internet of Things in the region, and is now bringing its know-how to the Lithuanian specialists and companies working in this industry,” he said.

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