Left-handed shopper still under-served in Lithuania

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Left-handed Lithuanians seeking to purchase goods tailored to them can only really do so abroad. Experts say the niche is too small for office supplies or tools sellers to hope for much profits. That said, sales of products designed for left-handed people are rising.

“Sales have increased 26% and this year the season hasn’t even ended, but we’ve already sold 11% more than last years. This means customers interested in goods for the left-handed are definitely increasing,” said the marketing department director for UAB Office Day, Viktorija Masaitytė.

The situation does not only make way for optimism however, with ISM University of Management and Economics expert-consultant Benas Adomavičius citing the size of the niche as an issue.

“For example, San Francisco has a store for the left-handed, but it is a city of millions, meanwhile in Vilnius, not to speak of the rest of Lithuania, it is hard to find enough people who would shop here. It would thus be difficult to sustain such a store.”

For now, the expert could only point to the internet as a viable alternative, as well as identified 3D printing as a future prospect.


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