Liberal Movement urges for depoliticised Central Electoral Commission

Eugenijus Gentvilas during the TV debates on economics
LRT stopkadras

The Liberal Movement is urging to change the regulations behind the composition of the Central Electoral Commission (VRK) DELFI reported. The party hopes that with the institution’s work being depoliticised the commission could work in a contemporary, impartial and professional manner.

A press release from the Liberal Movement states that they have registered amendments to the Central Electoral Commission law which would remove the right of parties and the President from delegating representatives to the VRK. Under the regulations proposed by the Liberal Movement the VRK would be comprised of a chairman and another 9 members, each required to have a university law degree and being delegated by the Judge Council, Lithuanian Lawyers Association and the Minister of Justice. The Liberal Movement hopes this could help ensure impartiality and professionalism within the VRK.

“It is clear that the VRK is in need of changes and the upcoming Seimas election will likely be the best opportunity to enact these changes because the composition of the VRK will inevitably change. The Liberals are suggesting to essentially change the standards for composing the commission as well. It is necessary to remove all reason for speculations, that one or another decision made by the VRK is potentially favourable for some political entity. It would be easiest to avoid such assertions by primarily removing parties from the number of entities able to delegate representatives,” said Seimas Liberal Movement fraction representative Eugenijus Gentvilas.

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