Lidl to use green electricity to power Lithuanian stores

Lidl’s stores will use power from Kaunas Algirdas Brazauskas Hydroelectric Power Plant, with an estimated total consumption for all its building of around 5GWh of electricity per year.

“The Green Lithuanian Energy generated in Kaunas is usually chosen by companies focusing on ecology and promotion of responsible consumption in their operations. Some clients also value the fact that the electricity is produced in Lithuania”, said Vidmantas Salietis, chief executive of Energijos Tiekimas.

Currently more than 100 companies in Lithuania use this green electricity, according to Salietis, with the majority being foreign-owned companies. The Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant generates about 250-300 GWh of electricity per year.

Kaunas’ Algirdas Brazauskas Hydroelectric Power Plant, owned by Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba, has been included in the data register of guarantees of origin administered by AB Litgird. This means that consumers of its electricity, having concluded a contract on the purchase of such energy, receive a special certificate confirming the fact that the electricity used has been generated from renewable sources.

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