Lithuania collects more budget revenue than projected

In January-September the state budget collections totalled LTL 14 billion (EUR 4 billion), 3.7 percent more year-on-year. The aggregate budget revenue of the state and municipalities reached LTL 16.9 billion (EUR 4.9 billion) since the beginning of 2014.

Value added tax accounted for the greatest amount of budget revenue – LTL 7.4 billion (EUR 2.1 billion), or LTL 95 million (EUR 27.5 million) less than projected. Excise tax contributed LTL 2.7 billion (EUR 782 million ), whereas personal income tax accounted for LTL 3.3 billion (EUR 943 million) and corporate income tax for LTL 1.4 billion (EUR 399 million).

Confirmed 2014 budget revenue stands at LTL 18.7 billion (EUR 5.4 billion). With the European Union structural and cohesion support funds, the figure stands at LTL 26.2 billion (EUR 7.6 billion).

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