Lithuania criminalises match-fixing in sports

Lithuania has criminalised match-fixing
DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

Lithuania’s parliament has criminalised match-fixing and the manipulation of sports results, with people found guilty facing up to four years in prison.

With the additions to the Penal Code it has been established that anyone who illegally influences honest professional sporting events or results, shall be punished by community service or a fine, or restriction of liberty, or arrest, or imprisonment for up to four years.

A person may be released of criminal liability if the person reports the offence to law enforcement and actively cooperate.

Amendments adopted on Thursday establish that the manipulation of sports competitions as a deliberate arrangement, act or omission in an attempt to change the sporting events or results, to totally or partially eliminate the unpredictability of sporting competition and thus to give undeserved advantage to themselves or others.

The new law will come into force from next year.

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