Lithuania has one of smallest gender pay gaps in world – OECD

In Lithuania there was a 7% average gap between men and women in the workforce and the country ranked well ahead of the other Baltic States, with Latvia ranked 14th with a difference of 13.3% and Estonia ranked second worst in the OECD with a gender pay gap of 25.6%.

Hungary had the smallest gender pay gap in the OECD at 3.8%, followed by New Zealand at 5.6% and Belgium with a 5.9% difference.

Norway, Luxembourg and Denmark were also ranked slightly ahead of Lithuania, but leading industrialised countries had some of the biggest differences in pay between men and women.

In the United States the gap between the sexes was 17.5%, in the UK it was 17.4%, in Germany 13.4%, in Canada 19.2%, in Japan 26.5% and Korea was in last place with a difference in pay of 36.7%.

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