Lithuania launches largest youth survey ever


The Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) has launched a structured dialogue initiative Įsitrauk. Nes jaunimo nuomonė svarbi, with which it aims to reach 10,000 young people across the country.

LiJOT has set itself the target of gathering at least 10,000 young people‘s opinions on all the issues that are important to whole Europe. It is the first time such an effort to survey young people‘s opinions has been carried out in Lithuania.

Young people can express their opinion on online platform or in live debates in different regions.

“Every young person has thoughts and ideas but is often afraid to express them. Our goal is to encourage young people to talk about what is important to them and do it in a targeted and efficient manner,” said Mantas Zakarka, the president of LiJOT.

“This initiative will ensure that the Lithuanian youth‘s opinion will be heard the loudest of all 28 countries in Europe. That is why we have created a unique platform that allows to express views and to contribute to the number of collected opinions,” said Zakarka.

The main topics to be surveyed will be European issues like mmigration, cross-cultural environment, and the ability to exploit young people’s potential.

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