Lithuania offers best public WiFi in the world

The number of public hotspots in the world is growing very fast and it is extremely useful for business and leisure travellers, as they do not have to pay for international mobile data.

But when it comes to connectivity and the quality of public WiFi networks – not all spots can brag about that. Besides, the situation of one or another city’s public WiFi does not reflect the whole country’s context. So if you had to choose a country, judging by the quality of public WiFi, what would it be?

Rotten WiFi users have measured and evaluated the quality of public hotspots in 172 countries worldwide, testing hundreds of networks. The collected data revealed Top 20 countries with best public WiFi.

Link to the Top 20 list of countries with the best public WiFi.

No. Country Avg. download speed, Mbps Avg. upload speed, Mbps Avg. clients’ satisfaction rank (1-10)
1 Lithuania 15,40 14,17 5
2 Croatia 14,05 11,21 3
3 Estonia 13,75 12,04 5
4 Ireland 11,43 5,20 4
5 Romania 11,32 7,31 5
6 UK 10,97 5,26 4

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