Lithuania one of few EU countries to import less Gazprom gas last year


Gazprom’s export report shows that the volume of gas sold to Lithuania fell by approximately one-seventh last year, or just over 14%. However, the vast majority of countries buying gas from Gazprom increased their volume of imports last year.

Gazprom exports natural gas to 33 countries, the majority of it to European Union states, and the latest report shows that the Russian gas monopoly exported more gas overall last year than in 2014.

Lithuania’s consumption of Russian gas is set to fall further in 2016 with a number of large state and private companies signing deals to buy Statoil-supplied LNG instead, including the country’s largest fertiliser producer, Achema.

For the first time this year, Norway is projected to overtake Russia as Lithuania’s largest gas supplier, with supplies of LNG imported via the terminal at Klaipėda.

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