Lithuania pauses decisions on granting asylum for Ukrainians

The number of asylum applications increased sharply last year in the wake of the war in Ukraine, with 70 applications received in 2014, as compared with an average of five in earlier years. Some 31 Ukrainians were granted additional protection last year. The majority of the Ukrainians asked for asylum in Lithuania for fear of the threats of war.

According to the daily, the decisions were suspended until an assessment is made of the Ukrainian administration’s aim to create conditions for people from conflict regions to resettle within the country.

“If it turns out that the people have an actual opportunity to safely move to other parts of Ukraine and settle there, this would inevitably affect the rationale of the decisions on asylums for Ukrainian citizens who are fleeing the hostilities,” said Viktoras Ostrovnojus, the head of the Migration Department‘s Asylum Affairs Division.

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