Lithuania plans to complete purchase of combat vehicles

Armoured vehicles

The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence and the German and Israeli manufacturers are negotiating the purchase of Boxer infantry fighting vehicles for Lithuania‘s military with an agreement expected to be signed this month.

German and Israeli manufacturers ARTEC and Rafael have been testing the altered armoured vehicle at Klyco military training ground in the west of Berlin.

The Lithuanian Boxer will have a different turret than the one used by German forces. In addition to the paired 30 mm automatic cannon and a machine gun, the Lithuanian vehicle will also have two anti-tank Spike missile launchers.

The Israeli-made tower for the vehicle, Samson, has been mounted on the German infantry fighting vehicle Boxer and would also reduce the costs of the vehicles.

The Lithuanian army said it requires vehicles with missiles that could destroy hard armoured targets, such as tanks from 4.5 km distance.

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