Lithuania ranks among 50 cheapest countries in the world

Lithuania took 48th place in the list of cheapest countries for New Yorkers to live in compiled and published by GoBankingRates.

The list is based on the purchasing power of countries and average food, services, and rental prices in comparison to prices in New York.

Average food prices in Lithuania are 62% lower than in New York, services are on average 53% cheaper, and rent is 85% cheaper than in New York.

Latvia comes in three places higher in 45th place while Estonia took 32nd place in the list.

Estonian food, service and rental prices not very different from those in Lithuania, but Estonians purchasing power is much higher. The purchasing power of Lithuanian citizens is 38% lower than that of New Yorkers, Estonian purchasing power is only 20% lower.

Poland took the highest place on the list among Lithuania‘s neighbours at 12th place. The price of food is 70% lower than in New York with rent 88% lower.

The cheapest country in the list is South Africa. Food is 71% cheaper than New York, rent 88% lower and services 66% cheaper. The purchasing power of South Africans is 27% higher than that of New Yorkers. That is what made South Africa the cheapest country to live in.

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