Central/Eastern Europe

Coordinated stand: How Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland are responding to the Belarus border crisis

The State Border Guard Service (VSAT) reported on Tuesday about a photo that has been circulating on some channels of the social network Telegram, which allegedly shows mercenaries of the Wagner group crossing the border […]

Foreign affairs

Landsbergis announces a new European security architecture: the Baltic States and Poland will join

Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said in Riga, where the heads of diplomacy of the three Baltic States and Poland were meeting, that the birth of a new European security architecture is taking place here and […]

Vladimir Putin's mural in Crimea
Central/Eastern Europe

Russian tourists at the borders of 5 states should answer the question “Whose Crimea”

Suppose all European Union countries cannot be persuaded not to issue tourist visas to Russians. In that case, the five Eastern European countries bordering Russia could form a regional bloc that would collectively agree not […]


Experts: NATO forces could be bogged down in Suwalki Gap in case of a Russian assault

Filing complex customs forms, weak bridges, flaws in railway infrastructure: if NATO had to quickly shift its military into the Baltic States during a conflict, the alliance could face severe difficulties passing the so-called Suwalki […]