European Union

Poland and Germany cannot afford to ignore one another

In 2011, Poland’s then Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski famously stated, “I fear Germany’s power less than her inactivity.” Since then, Berlin and Warsaw’s intensive post-1989 cooperation seems to have ebbed. Why? Can this once-close partnership […]


Gestapo and NKVD: A History of Chekist-Nazi Cooperation

In West Berlin, on Heinrich Dernburg Street, among other “memorial plaques” that commemorate the names of the victims of Nazism, there is a brass plate with several dates engraved. It is tucked away in the […]

During the resent protests in Poland

“Farmer” tactics similar to a neighbouring country’s party

The elections that took place in Poland did not go unnoticed in Lithuania. With Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) party has won the trust of its electorate yet again, hope to repeat the same winning […]

right-wing radicals

The nation’s “catastrophe” and a political far right niche

Some of the candidates, who lost overwhelmingly in the first round of presidential elections, will certainly not put their hands down. On May 12 evening, when the first voting results emerged and at the same […]