Virginijus Savukynas

V. Savukynas. The time of faltering illusions

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the world was filled with optimism. Western democracy was victorious, freedom was triumphant in conquered countries, the Cold War ended, the likelihood of all annihilating nuclear war was at an […]

The power grids in Europe

Technical scenario for Baltic grid synchronization approved in Brussels (Updated)

The project for the synchronization of the Baltic power grids with the Continental European system received the green light in Brussels on Friday, the Lithuanian government said. […]


Lithuania posts modest results in combatting foreign bribery, but is on right track

Lithuania has, so far, achieved modest results in combating bribery in international business transactions, but the country has taken significant steps to improve these efforts, Transparency International said in a report published on Wednesday. […]

Foreign affairs

Lithuanian, Polish experts to draft by year-end plan for natnl minorities’ education

Lithuanian and Polish education ministers have agreed that experts from both countries will draw up by the end of the year guidelines for tackling national minority education issues. […]