Lithuania shoppers switching to healthy foods

Vegetables on sale at Kaunas market
R.Guigos nuotr.

Almost a third of Lithuanian shoppers do not buy prepared foods (35%) or snacks (33%), well ahead of international averages that show globally only 16% of shoppers avoid prepared foods, and 9% avoid snack.

New research by Nielsen survey carried out at the end of 2015 found that: “Food buying habits in Lithuania show clear wellness trends. Judging by the expressed opinions, buyers tend to avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, and try to reduce the consumption of sweets.

“Overall, Lithuanian buyers are very interested in information on food, beverages, and health, and are exceptionally careful in reading product labels and analysing food ingredients,” said Nielsen director general for the Baltic countries Ilona Lepp.

Around 29% of Latvians and 17% of Estonians avoid prepared food when shopping and 28% of shoppers in both countries avoid buying snacks, three times higher than international averages.

In the first quarter of 2016 a quarter of Lithuanian buyers identified health as their biggest concern.

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