Lithuania to be late for implementation of new EU data protection rules

Nevertheless, the European Commission says Lithuania won’t be late very much to start implementing the rules, but it plans to keep an eye on the situation and take action, if necessary.

“Lithuania will be late for the start of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation but, based on the European Commission’s information, it shouldn’t be late very much as Lithuania plans to adopt necessary bills by the end of June,” the Representation of the European Commission in Lithuania told BNS Lithuania.

It also stressed the fact that countries had two years to prepare for the application of the GDPR.

The regulation is applied directly and does not need transferring into national law but countries had to reform their national data protection institutions to get ready for its application.

“The European Commission calls on all member sates to finish all steps necessary for smooth application of the new regulation as soon as possible,” the Representation said.

Last week, the European Commission said eight member states will not be ready for the GDPR implementation in time. It plans to monitor the situation and take action, if necessary.

“The European Commission resolves any problems or difficulties through constructive dialogue. If a member state fails to meet its commitments regarding the regulation, the EU will launch an infringement procedure,” the Representation said.

The personal data protection bill, necessary for the GDPR implementation, was put before the Seimas earlier this week. It will now go to parliamentary committees and return to the plenary sitting hall in late June.

Lithuania’s State Data Protection Inspectorate also says the EU directive on the protection of police data. The necessary bill will reach the parliament next week.

The new data protection rules will make service providers ensure that clients are better informed about the ways their personal data is handled.

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