Lithuanian children adopted by foreigners to keep Lithuanian citizenship

Lithuanian passport
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

Children adopted by Lithuanians abroad will also have the possibility to have dual citizenship.

So far, Lithuanian citizens adopted as infants or small children who this way received citizenship of a foreign country had to choose which citizenship to keep after turning 21. The same rules have so far applied to Lithuanian families who adopted children abroad.

Two similar bills on letting adopted persons keep their citizenship had been put before parliament by social democrats Julius Sabatauskas and Juozas Olekas and Robertas Šarknickas of the Lithuanian Farmers and Green Union.

They said the amendments were important for a small number of people who need this possibility to keep ties with their country of origin and return there if they decided to.

43 children were adopted by foreigners in Lithuania last year, and 58 were adopted in 2016.

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