Political scientists on Skvernelis’ move: what was expected and what future is predicted

The future and political success of the politicians who broke away from the Lithuanian Farmer and Greens Union (LVŽS) will depend on their ability to garner support and find their niche, political scientists say, Austėja […]


Bruveris. The Conservatives go down the “Farmer” path?

The Conservatives are like the “Farmers” and the new Seimas is akin to the old, just symmetrically flipped from left to right. This comparison comes to mind when looking at the recently minted Seimas election […]

Presidential Palace

Nausėda‘s conversations with party leaders – the president, seeks allies

There’s still a good eight months to the Seimas elections; however, preparations are ongoing for them not only among the “Farmers”, who declared it but also by the president. Announcing that the election season has […]

Skvernelis and Karbauskis

Results of the confrontation: cabinet collapse could lead to another

How can you so confidently descended into a final confrontation when afterwards you lose it with such certainty? How can you not feel the impending loss, Lietuvos rytas asked in its editorial lrytas.lt? Such questions […]