Lithuanian City of London Club becomes official supporter of Baltic Pride

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

“The objectives of Baltic Pride 2016 coincide with the core values and objectives of the Lithuanian City of London Club – to promote respect, tolerance and equality in the society,” said Marius Raugalas, the president of the organization of Lithuanian professionals in the City of London.

“Lithuania lags behind Western Europe and other modern democratic countries on the issues regarding LGBT rights. At the same time, we are already following the example of those same countries on economic, legal and cultural issues.It is a great opportunity for the Lithuanian City of London Club to draw the public’s attention to a problem which is clearly visible to us while following events in Lithuania from afar,” he added, calling on Lithuania’s leaders to engage more actively in discussions on LGBT rights.

He says that entrepreneurs and professionals have an active role to play in effecting opinion change in their societies.

“For example, the executives of international companies like Facebook, Apple or Google actively participate in similar civil actions by expressing their opinions on issues important to the public,” according to Raugalas.

“For business representatives [in Lithuania], we would like to wish courage to support socially just causes and to contribute more actively to the discussions about tolerance, equality, diversity and other issues important to the public,” he added.

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