Lithuanian company to export organic hemp to Japan

Lithuanian Organic hemp grower UAB Agropro is entering the Japanese market.

Up to now 95% of all of the company‘s products have been exported to European Union countries and the United States.

“Japan is a high-income and a healthy diet country. We have analyzed this market for years, until we found a representative in one of the exhibitions who was interested in organic hemp products. One of the biggest challenges was meeting the high organic food import regulations,” said Paulius Paršeliūnas, the head of Agropro.

Paršeliūnas said that Japan was one of the most promising export markets for Lithuania, but exported products must be of the highest quality with a long shelf life and a competitive price.

“In 2015 we grew 1,000 hectares of organic fiber hemp seeds, twice the acreage of last year. This year we have plans to sow over 2,000 hectares.

“To increase exports, we are looking for new sales markets, actively participating in exhibitions in both Europe and the United States. We are also investing in organic hemp seed processing, additional food production certification and so on. Every year, we plan to sell around €2 to €3 million worth of hemp seed products. The need to use organic hemp products is growing due to their high value and significant positive impact on human health,” said Paršeliūnas.


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