Lithuanian defence minister wants conscripts’ families and employers fined for not passing summons

In his words, such a scheme would make the conscription handling easier, as the persons subject to military service may be difficult to locate.

Under the proposed legislation, family members and employers would have to notify future conscripts about the received summons, while failure to do so would carry an administrative fine.

The committee also supported the proposal to clearly state in the law that men between ages of 19 and 26, not 38, would be conscripted.

Under the bill, conscripts would receive payment of 140 euros per month, with an additional fund accumulated throughout their service.

The amendments should be submitted to parliament next week, as Olekas requested that they should be discussed and adopted on the fast track.

In March, the Lithuanian parliament changed the laws and reintroduced mandatory military service, with 3,000-3,500 people to be conscripted this autumn.

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