At the Gen. Silvestras Žukauskas polygon in Pabradė

About 50 infrastructure objects planned in military units this year

About 50 military objects of various functions will be built for US money in the Lithuanian army‘s training grounds of Pabradė and Gaižiūnai, the Mumaičiai military territory and the Aviation Base in Šiauliai this year, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. […]

Ministry of National Defence

Public procurement violations in defence system ‘systematic’, president’s office says

Inspections of public procurement deals in the Lithuanian defence system over the past decade have revealed systematic violations, presidential adviser Živilė Šatūnienė says. […]

No Picture

Lithuanian army’s kitchen utensils a subject of criminal investigation

A purchase of kitchen utensils by the Lithuanian Army two years ago may end up a subject of criminal investigation after public procurement watchdogs found the state paid eight times the market price to a company that has won over 50 public contracts. […]

Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

Lithuanian air force exercise to protect Ignalina nuclear plant

The Lithuanian air force is to conduct an exercise simulating protecting the Ignalina nuclear plant and handling emergency situations during peacetime. During the exercise, Air Force troops will be simulating protecting the Ignalina nuclear power […]