Lithuanian finance minister admits he is not yet accustomed to euro

Rimantas Šadžius
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

According to the minister, the euro changeover in Lithuania means no currency conversion costs, cheaper credits and cheaper investment.

“Generally speaking, it means more and cheaper money. We will have to use this cheaper money properly and not delude ourselves into believing that cheaper investments or greater wish of an investor to invest in your project suddenly occurred because your project got cheaper – no, the money simply got slightly cheaper and the risk diminished. This is a good thing, yet, we must still look for good ways of investing,” said the minister during a press conference on Tuesday.

Šadžius also said that consumers would probably face psychological challenges over the currency changeover.

“I will say it openly: personally I have not yet become accustomed to the euro and to look at the second line in euros on the price tag. But now I will be forced to do it since the price which I will have to pay will be in euros, and I will have to remember how much something used to cost in litas and whether it was expensive or not,” he said.

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