Lithuanian-Indonesian partnership could lift both economies

I.Ledkalnynės nuotr.

“We are very pleased that over the past couple of years, Lithuania and Indonesia relations have become closer. We are sure that this agreement is beneficial to both sides. I hope that in the future there is more active cooperation in key areas,” said Indonesian Ambassador to Lithuania and Denmark Bomer Pasaribu at the launch of a partnership between Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) and Indonesia’s Lampung University.

He said that the two universities would seek to cooperate in the fields of education, agriculture, information technology, and robotics. Developing a close relationship between the countries, including successful partnerships in education, science, business, tourism, industry and other sectors was discussed as the two universities signed a cooperation agreement.

Sigitas Bražinskas of the VGTU International Economics and Management Department said there were a number of promising spheres for cooperation between the two countries including transport and infrastructure, international business development, organic food, furniture and parts, internal and external tourism.

The universities also discussed the possibilities of cooperation in cross-border partnerships, as well as education policy and economic development issues in both countries.

“Indonesia stands on the threshold of becoming a high-tech economy. Cross-border relations, business, education, science and government decisions will help us to achieve the desired results,” said Satria Bangsawan, professor at Lampung University.

The professor pointed out that over the past decade, the number of citizens with primary education in Indonesia had increased from 25% to 70%. The country with the fourth biggest population in the world has experienced rapid economic growth and now sends many students abroad and those numbers are growing by 20% a year.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University has been successful at organising faculty and student mobility program Erasmus Mundus with Indonesian higher education institutions. This cooperation is being further developed through the international mobility project Erasmus for 2015-2016.

It is expected that despite the geographical distance, Lithuanian universities will be able to attract many Indonesian students wishing to study science here.

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