Lithuanian invention makes it impossible to steal fuel from trucks

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

“The first version of our product acted as a classic alarm – it reacted to attempts to open the tank release lock, and would set off an alarm and the truck would start flashing lights. Now we have upgraded our product. Both the alarm sensors and wires are protected against external interference or attempts to disconnect the battery,” said Simanavičius, one of the founders of the company behind the product.

“The most important innovation is that the system allows company managers to track where, when and what happens with the fuel tank, how often it is open and for how long the alarm is off. The sensors can be connected to any communication system, and all this information is automatically transmitted to a programmed address in an instant. This essentially eliminates the possibility of thieves working unseen to drivers or the company.”

Together with a colleague Simanavičius has founded a company Du ponai (Two Gentlemen) and they created the first version of their innovative fuel tank alarm system 18 months ago

The problem with diesel theft from trucks stems from the fact that the conventional fuel tank lock is very simple to open and the trucks’ tanks would still hold up to 1,500 litres of diesel even after a full day’s driving. With such large amounts of fuel on board, the incentive for thieves is significant. With the right equipment experts said such an amount can be quietly pumped out in a matter of minutes, earning the perpetrator the equivalent of two average Lithuanian wages.


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