Lithuanian IT company gets $20 million investment

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Lithuanian company NFQ Technologies, which has created a unique meta search engine which is said to be more effective than Google, has received a $20 million venture capital investment.

US private equity and venture capital giant Insight Venture Partners, along with A series investors DN Capital and Acton Capital Partners invested in the company.

NFQ brands itself as the “entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneurs” delivering company-building services including strategy, engineering, operational scaling, recruiting, business development, product delivery, and product marketing.

It has worked with leading internet search and travel companies including and

One of the most advanced solutions the Lithuanian company has developed is an artificial intelligence-based system which analyses housing photos and allows users to identify the same apartments in different systems.

“Our technological solutions get us results approximately three times quicker than our main rivals – with each result appearing within a few milliseconds,” said the head of NFQ Technologies Paulius Insoda.

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