Lithuanian MP urges to establish no-flight zones for drones

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“We have heard about cases when unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, fly over important public buildings, prisons or densely populated areas. This raises concerns because such devices may be used for intelligence, illegal or criminal activities. There is information that drones are used to examine territories over private houses and burglaries are committed afterwards. Drones are also used to deliver illegal packages to prisoners. Thus we have to at least slightly restrict drone flight zones, determine objects above which drones must not fly,” said Paulauskas.

According to the MP, the use of drones is regulated by the Rules of Usage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Based on these rules, each municipality has the right either to allow or prohibit flights of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The MP says unmanned aerial vehicles are still a novelty and their regulations are only in the initial stage. There is no responsibility for violations of rules. Moreover, it is believed that drones should be classified according to their characteristics.

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