Lithuanian parliament will consider launching CIA prison inquiry

DELFI / Valdas Kopūstas

According to Valdas Vasiliauskas, Member of Parliament of the Order and Justice party, the draft resolution on the issue that was registered last December was supported by 57 MPs.

“This is a lot. I believe we are all interested in saving Lithuania’s international prestige. There has been no transparency in Lithuania for the last ten years, for ten years we have lived in half truth and half lie,” Vasiliauskas said at a press conference in the Seimas on Monday.

Non-affiliated Member of Parliament Prof. Povilas Gylys said that Lithuania should seek to improve its legal status.

“If we stick our heads in sand like ostriches again, someone will pull them out eventually. I will remind that the European Commission has clearly said that those who have contributed to this story related to torture must be punished. I think there are things to investigate. Someone was trading in sovereignty and we have seen very contradictory statements from politicians. We may pretend as if nothing happened, but no one will benefit from pretending,” said Gylys and proposed to deal with the situation in order to improve the country’s image and avoid misunderstandings in international relations.

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