Mečys Laurinkus and Arvydas Pocius

Lithuania’s ex-security chiefs caught by surprise by investigation into their activities

Former chiefs of the Lithuanian State Security Department say they are unaware of the decision made by prosecutors to resume an investigation into suspected misconduct in the framework of the probe into alleged secret operations US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) prison in Lithuania. […]


Lithuanian parliament will consider launching CIA prison inquiry

The Lithuanian parliament, the Seimas, is to be proposed to establish a temporary inquiry commission in the spring session to investigate accusations hurled against Lithuania over its participation in the CIA prisoner exchange and secret imprisonment operations. […]

Gediminas Grina

Lithuanian security chief: We have nothing to investigate about CIA prisons

Lithuanian State Security Department chief Gediminas Grina told parliament on Tuesday he could not give any new answers about the US Central Intelligence Agency’s secret prisons. […]

Mečys Laurinkus
Foreign affairs

Former security chief: Lithuania’s help to US counter-terrorism effort didn’t violate laws

Mečys Laurinkus, who headed Lithuania’s State Security Department in 1998-2004, says that the institution assisted the United States in its counter-terrorism efforts during the period, but did not ask for a reward and did not violate laws or international commitments. […]