Over third of Lithuanian MPs suggest one more commission for alleged CIA prison

The draft resolution was signed by 57 of Lithuania’s 141 parliamentarians representing various political parties.

Under the proposal, the ad hoc commission would investigate whether the cooperation between the US Central Intelligence Agency and the Lithuanian State Security Department was possible without a political decision and notification of Lithuanian leaders, as well as identify the notified persons and the decision-makers.

The commission would also be asked to specify the officials of the State Security Department directly responsible for the CIA program in Lithuania and identify the officers of the department’s branches and territorial units involved in the program.

“The US Senate said in its report that friendly foreign officials were rewarded personally. Can this be linked to the sudden enrichment, acquisition of real estate and other kinds of property by the department’s employees and other officials who may have determined the success of the CIA operation in Lithuania?” reads the draft resolution.

Under the draft resolution registered on the last day of the autumn session, the commission should complete the probe by 3 June.

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